Dear Students, Staff, and Parents,

Dear Member of the Metropolis International School family, well-wishers and visitors, Greeting!!!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Metropolis International School (MIS) website. We have tried to create an online resource that provides all relevant information about MIS and I hope that as you peruse through the contents of this website. You will get a sense of the rich flavor of life at our school

Education is a life – long learning process. Learning happens all the time; not only in a pre-designated place called the school. It happens in the home, between home and school too. Shaping young impressionable minds is one of life’s biggest challenges at MIS, We aim to empower our students to grow as individuals with strong open discerning minds with an international Perspective, Preparing them to make a mark in the global village – the world has come to be today.

We offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunities for all our students to achieve excellence in academic, Creative, Social, Cultural, Sporting, and community endeavors. We value collaborative learning, positive relationships, and building capacity among our students to effectively allow them to engage in the world of the future, where problem-solving, evaluating, working in teams, community, creating, and innovating are not only valued concepts but expected skills, attributes, and capabilities.

MIS follows a process-oriented way of teaching wherein the teachers provide children opportunities to explore a wide variety of materials. The child’s enjoyment and learning through these explorations are given more importance than the final product or outcome.

I enjoy celebrating successes and acknowledge the hard work of staff, students, and community and believe this is one of the contributors fundamental to a happy school environment. All staff, students, and the community should feel valued and appreciated at school.

Best wishes for the life ahead!!

M.A in Economics / B.Ed.

Sincerely Yours,
Metropolis International School